Sudo support for iPhone version

An update will soon be available for the iPhone version to add sudo support (and fix various bugs). It is something that a lot of people asked for, but it took some time to develop to make sure that it wa stable enough. Enabling sudo for a script will be as easy as transforming this:

{ “version”: 1, “title”: “Commands”, “type”:“commands”, “values” : [ {“name”:“Logs”, “value”:“”, “command”:“.pilotssh/logs/logs”} ]}’


{ “version”: 1, “title”: “Commands”, “type”:“commands”, “values” : [ {“name”:“Logs”, “value”:“”, “command”:“.pilotssh/logs/logs”, “sudo”:true} ]}’

This will result in the following screen:

Also, great news on the Android front: the release will come very soon! I am wrapping up the last bugs and updating the graphics, but it works really well :)

Posted on May 12, 2013 by Geoffroy Couprie